Buying a COndominium In FLorida

Considering Buying a Condo?


Deciding to buy a Condo is a seriousness decision. Places near the hubbub of cultural and social activities along with pleasure lifestyle additions such as restaurants, bars, the beach, and boating docks have a lot to offer. That doesn't even consider things such as work time commute and things of that ilk. Finding your dream condo requires the guidance of an experienced professional who can help you make informed decisions and find the best condo for your lifestyle. Let me, Leo Albanes, do all the hard work or you.

Advanced Financial Preperations


Normally, give yourself 6 months to 1 year before you buy anything. Consider, getting your finances in order first. Obtain your credit report; lenders will look at your income, debts, down payment and credit score so make sure you correct any errors and pay down your loan and credit card balances.

Determine Your Position


Think things through! Are you prepared? Can you afford a down payment? Monthly payments, with taxes, water, & other utilities, etc.? Is your income stable? What might work for you now, might not in 3 years. Are you beginning to expand your family? Will you relocate for work?

Mortage Pre-Approval


Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is ideal. It creates a realistic price range that gives you the piece of mind and ability to put down an immediate offer when you find a condo you like. Pre-approvals will be written, including guaranteed interest rates valid for 90-120 days. From there you can determine your down payment. The larger the initial deposit, the lower your monthly mortgage payment. Interview mortgage brokers as well as banks to find the most competitive rate and amount. 

Choose Your Neighborhood


Research the local neighborhood, not only for your private needs but for future resale or rental. Consider schools, proximity to public transit, shopping and dining options, as well as nearby parks and recreational activities. Visit the area during different times of the day and on a weekend to get an idea of the traffic and the environment.



The best part about living in a condo is the amenities! Often they have a gym, a pool, beach access, recreational rooms, car garages and more. These features are included in your fees, so they should add value to your life. See which ones you must have and others you might want to go without!

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