Buying a home with Leo

 Whether it is a condo, a home, a villa or land; I strive to collect the information needed and present it to you, the buyer, as simply as possible.  NO worry, NO unnecessary stress, all so you can make the best decision for you! 

Steps to Buying a Home in Port Charlotte:

Step 1


Your Needs are Paramount

Prior to visiting your properties of choice, we'll discuss homeownership targets and objectives, appealing neighborhoods, spending capabilities and your time table. I'll help you prioritize which facets are integral to your current lifestyle, be that recreational centers, schools, or hospitals. It's important to know what to expect of the entire home buying experience; I can answer any questions you might have and give you the honest truth about any concerns about buying a home in Port Charlotte. 

Charlotte County Real Estate Expertise

I've lived in Port Charlotte and worked in the Charlotte County area for decades. This has given me a unique perspective and intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of Port Charlotte. Allow me to use the wisdom I have garnered to ensure you choose the most appropriate neighborhood for you and your family.

Step 2


Informed Direction

With time comes knowledge; nearly 20 years of handling real estate business has ingrained in me the cautionary wisdom to guide you through the viewing process, showcasing amenities you might have overlooked and problems you might not have noticed.


Perpetual Backing

 I've successfully dealt with thousands of purchasing deals; my team will handle the plethora of details that go into each negotiation so you can rest easy. You've told me your desires, preferences, and time table, know that i am in your corner every step of the way. 


Step 3


Comprehensive Business Network

Over time, I've connected with an expansive network of various experts in their respective fields, able to help you with the required services of home buying in Port Charlotte. From certified home inspectors, lawyers, and movers to cleaners and mortgage appraiser; let my network work for you. More still, once you've moved in, I can refer you to trusted tradesmen, capable of renovating your new home as you see fit.

Negotiation Expert 

Decades of negotiating has honed my skill and having an expert at the table is paramount during the buying process. Whether it is ensuring your offer is selected out of multiple offers on a home to explaining clauses in things such as Offer to Purchase, conditions, and payment arrangements, let me guide you to the best outcome for you and your family.

Step 4


Closing the Deal

The closing period is an important time. My team will assist you with buyer access visits so you can see the home, plan renovations as well as other things, and regularly check in to ensure you are happy, prepared, and on your way to a new home.


Being a realtor is more than just transactions! Know that I am one phone call or email away if needed. Contact me if you have questions, concerns, or any immediate issues with your new home.

Buy your own piece of FLorida Paradise with Leo Albanes

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Jenna Sousa

"I used Leo when we purchased our family home and I couldn't think of anyone better to help us with the process in selling our investment property. We had a situation with a tenant who wanted to stay so we were hoping for a buyer who would let the tenant stay until they could find a new place. Leo helped make the transition for all three parties seamless. He helped us price the place fairly to move it quickly. We had it listed at the end of December and in the first week of New Year we were under contract and closed a month later. His assistant Kari kept us well informed; it made us feel comfortable. Thank you for you're effort to make everyone happy."

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