First impressions are everything, as they say. Potential home buyers retain a property’s presentation, whether they realize it or not. Although cosmetic problems might not be indicative of a poorly maintained home, a good first impression goes a long way. With nearly 20 years of successful selling experience, I have garnered a strong ability to see the property through a buyer's eyes, understanding what details add value and what detracts when prepping your home for sale. 

suggestions when preparing to put your house on the market:

Curb Appeal


Landscaping - The first thing most people see when visiting a home is the lawn. A well maintained yard helps a great deal with leaving a positive impression. Clear any clutter that might be lying around the area. Don't forget to trim the trees and clear out any dead plants or yard debris.

Exterior of the Home - Touch up the home with fresh paint where needed to showcase your home at its best state. Clean the windows, fix torn screens, and ensure things like lights and doorbells are working. Don't forget to check if your roof is in an acceptable state and clear the gutter while your at it!

Surrounding Area - Repair any external structures such as fences and patios. Tidy up around the garage or shed to make it appear larger. Ensure the driveway and sidewalk are clean and clear of any things such as toys and lawn maintenance equipment

Interior Changes


Ambiance - Try to ensure that every room is well lit, open up the drapes and use natural light to your advantage. Arranged the furniture with maximum space in mind, accenting the area with inviting decor. Odor plays a large part in how we remember things; a pleasing scent might nudge your home to the top of someones list.

Overall - Most people want to feel like they are buying a hot off the assembly line product, and that goes for homes as well. Clean all your surfaces, shampoo the carpets, polish the floors, wash the walls and everything in between. Fresh air vents also help create a "clean" atmosphere.

Bathrooms - Cleanliness is key in a bathroom. Spotless mirrors, shining toilet bowls and sinks, freshly cleaned show curtain and floor mats. All of these things help. Don't forget to fill in any caulk holes and fix any leaks or loose rods.

Closets -  Organize spaces inside the closet and put an air freshener to lighten up the area. Try not to over pack overhead space or floor surface to make those smaller closets seem huge. 

Kitchen -  Remove grease stains from appliances, replace pans on stove tops, and clean out the cabinets. Again, clear any clutter on top of the counter top to maximize the illusion of space.

Attics – Storage areas are always on the list to buyers, so make sure they are organized, cleaned and as spacious as possible. An optional tip: storing items in a storage unit for the brief period your home is up on the market might ease the burden of clutter.



Along with cosmetic changes, renovations will increase your property’s value. While some buyers prefer to renovate their homes the way they see fit, others pay more for things such as renovated kitchens, fresh paint, and renovated bathrooms.

Consider making some, or all, of the renovation ideas below:

Adding a recreation room 

Building a deck 

Building a garage 

Installing central air conditioning

Replacing roof shingles 

Replacing the furnace and heating system


Replacing windows and doors

Up-grading floors

Home Staging


 At first glance, it might seem like overkill but a well staged home is a pro strategy you might want to consider. Professionals, having staged hundreds or possibly even thousands of spaces, offer invaluable perspective on covering blemishes, space management, and bringing out the best in your home's cosmetic appeal. The more people who are attracted to your home from the start, the more likely you are going to receive competing offers to increase the likelihood of bidding that meets your target goals.

Reasons to consider home staging:

A dated home with unappealing areas.


Current furniture detracts from overall property features.

Previous tenants inability to properly maintain common areas.

Your home is vacant, thus appearing smaller.

Need assistance? Cleaning, repairs, home staging or other services seem too overwhelming? I have relationships with some of Port Charlotte's most reputable businesses and I can recommend talented and reliable professionals to aid you. 

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